rmg-eco – environmental and green marketing, public relations specializing in diversity, inclusion, and sustainability

Energy, Water, Recycling, Green Businesses & Eco Products

You can take a deep breath and exhale rmg-eco guarantees to bring you our very best, yes we are a breath of fresh air providing you with fresh eco-friendly well thought out strategically executed green marketing campaigns through developing a compelling environmental messaging impression that builds brands that transform to environmentally conscious lifestyle consumer or employee .

Got a green business, product or service? Let rmg-eco create your eco campaign business to business or business to consumer.
rmg-eco is a bold new eco hybrid marketing, public relations and green events firm that combines the creativity, expertise and senior level engagement of an boutique firm with the strategic abilities, intellectual capital and bandwidth of an large corporation making our team uniquely qualified coupled with the infusion black, brown and green lifestyle cultures allows us to holistically create a message that will resonate to multicultural consumer like no other.

Green Carpet Ready we can create an eco-theme green events from venue selection down to sustainable green gift bags and yes we can roll out the green carpet. Specialty Package 3 Shades of Green.

Because green marketing, public relations and eco events is all we do. Yes our firm is only focus is environmentally marketing targeting diversity consumer. With a solid track record working with Professional Sport Teams, Fortune 500 Companies, Government Agencies, and the Green Business Owner’s has rmg-eco position to emerge as a premier top tier environmental marketing, public relations and eco events agency.

Crisis environmental bilingual messaging for disaster preparedness in timely manner.

Specializing and 100% committed to Diversity, Inclusion and Eco Engagement Outreach
Black – African American Consumer Spend 1.2 Trillion 2015 Black Enterprise
Brown– Hispanic / Latino Consumer Spend 1.5 Trillion 2015 Hispanic Pew Research
Green– Eco Friendly Consumer Spend 290 Billion 2015 National Marketing Institute

I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer…… Denis Hayes

Eco Product Endorsement Availability
Lance Robertson #ecotastemaker and Hugo Hernandez #hugoecolatino

Available for eco product endorsement or environmental issue spokesperson ideal areas
Eco Friendly Apparel, Products, Services, Transportation. Public and Commercial, Recycling, Energy, Water, Organic Foods, and Beverages.

We did a test market on several of our digital platforms promoting ecofriendly products by posting pics creating with #ecotastemaker or #hugoecolatino and we holistically created organic algorithms of hi favorable impressions which help build brands and subconscious trends of transactional consumer eco marketing. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, and sometimes we will tag our live radio broadcast with a real time sound bite.

Average impressions 5k to 50K can vary based on trends and daily algorithms but product will expand its footprint in high favorable impression that creates a GREEN BRAND.